Ozg is one of the most popular business consulting companies in developing world. Under one of speed-up verticals, it offers consulting and solution to any type of co-operative businesses / organizations based in all parts of Asia / America  / Africa / Europe.

Ozgian – Ozg Co-operative Consultants hold proven experiences in providing end-to-end business solutions to clients at popular business destinations.


To discuss your case with us, please book an appointment for in-person meeting or online video meeting by login at ozgcenter.org/appointment or call to Ozg back office # 0091-98.114.15831-37-61-72-84-92-94


Email:   john@0zg.co.uk

Ozg Center, Greengate St., London, UK
Phone # +44 (0) 79-103-99277

To book appointment with Ozgian (Ozg Banking Consultant), please go to: ozgcenter.org/appointment